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Hot tubs made of quality wood from Northern Lights

Hot tubs made of wood? Opt for Western Red Cedar

Making hot tubs out of wood requires skilled work. It's a skill that we at Northern Lights have being perfecting for decades. We have been making the finest cedar hot tubs and saunas since 1990. It's a process that combines the ancient art of barrelmaking with the most up to date design and production technology. The result: a cedar hot tub that will give you, your family and friends lots of pleasure for years to come.

Western Red Cedar: A quality wood for a quality product

A good hot tub is made from carefully selected wood. That's why we in Northern Lights work exclusively with Western Red Cedar. This North American evergreen is generally seen on buildings, where it used for cladding and turns grey. Western Red Cedar belongs to the conifer family and grows mainly in British Columbia, in Canada.

Western Red Cedar: Ideal for a hot tub in your garden.

Western Red Cedar is the perfect wood for outdoors installations, and for hot tubs and saunas:

  • naturally resistant to bacteria and microbes
  • no warping when the temperature or dampness levels change
  • very high insulation levels
  • relaxing, natural aroma
  • Western Red Cedar: wood that endures

Choosing a wooden hot tub from Northern Lights has implications for the future. Both in your home, and in far-away Canada. The wood that is used to make your hot tub is naturally long-lived. Northern Lights only uses FSC certified wood that is sustainably managed by the Canadian government. So sustainably that there are more Red Cedars growing today than in the 1970s! So, your feel-good moments are in full harmony with nature.

Carefully selected wood for a wonderful result

The Western Red Cedar trees that Northern Lights use are carefully selected. Our buyers check the wood for any imperfections. Only the best quality timber is used to produce your hot tub or sauna. See for yourself! Now, and in the future. Each time you take a dip and enjoy a well-earned sense of wellbeing.

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