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Why Western Red Cedar?

Because of its many fantastic qualities!

A hot tub is definitely a complex electronic and technical product that must, of course, be capable of operating without problems for its entire lifetime.

This requires special properties!

Similarly, a good sauna must also meet strict quality criteria. 
The extreme temperature and humidity variations inside the sauna, and the frequently extreme weather conditions outside it, make this wood the natural choice. 

Natural properties

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Resistant to all weathers

Western Red Cedar is one of the few species that can naturally withstand all types of weather. It can withstand the most extreme climates for decades. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insects makes it the ideal choice for structures that are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, heat and cold, year after year.

What makes Western Red Cedar so durable?

Because it contains thuja plicata soluble phenols, substances that are lethal to bacteria and fungi. This means that you are sure to find it easy to maintain a hygenic cedarwood sauna or hot tub. 

Moreover, Western Red Cedar will retain its shape under all conditions, without twisting, cracking or warping.

cedar house


Western Red Cedar has a very high thermal properties, which is, of course, an important feature for hot tubs and saunas!

Beauty and design

Western Red Cedar is suitable for all kinds of designs, both classic and modern. Its rich, warm colors have a soothing effect and ensure that it blends seamlessly with any environment.

Its natural aroma is beneficial due to its calming effect. So you can enjoy an all-sensory experience during your hot tub or sauna session!



Using wood as a building material requires significantly less energy than concrete or steel.

Western Red Cedar is a fast-growing and sustainably-managed timber.  Indeed, its total forest area has increased by over 20% since the 1970s.

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You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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