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Yes, it is raining !

Muscles tend to tense up
during wet and cold days.
Nothing can beat enjoying your hot tub when it's cold and raining! In fact, during those dreary days, you will experience the soothing effects of a good long soak in the warm, massaging water, all the better.

When it's rainy and cold, we easily stay inside. The reason is that, on days when it's cold and humid, -like many days -, the human body tends to go inactive. This is a natural reaction and in fact it is an instinctive way to keep warm until the weather turns.

The disadvantage of this natural behaviour is that your muscles tense up. Gradually, you start changing the way you act and move. As a result of this especially your neck and dorsal muscles are being strained incorrectly, sometimes for weeks. After a while, you feel physically exhausted, which will also affect your mental state. Your moral goes down and you feel weak.

That's the time to get into your hot tub!

That is exactly the right moment to step into your hot tub. Just knowing that your hot tub is there for you, already brings ease of mind. Then when you descend into the warm water, your body immediately reacts with gratitude. The warm water feels comfortable and that's the signal for the muscles to relax again.

The spacious depth of a cedar hot tub allows your body to be totally immersed, shoulders included. You are not forced in any position. Your legs and arms outstretched and relaxed, you freely float in the warm water. The soothing cedar calms you down. Total relaxation.

Energized again !

And the best is yet to come!

Then you activate the massage jets and every little, tired muscle in your body is treated thoroughly. You regulate the intensity of the jets as you like, you opt for only water pressure or for a more powerful mix with air bubbles. You move freely and lazily in the water and you let the massaging water take care of your entire body from your tired toes and feet all the way up to your neck and shoulders. All at your own pace!

Now, the raindrops actually feel quite nice on your skin and those grey clouds are not so sombre anymore.

After a long soak, your body is warmed up. You feel totally relaxed after this welcome break in the busy day. You are full of energy again, both physically as well as mentally, ready to continue your projects.

And the next time clouds are forming, you will think: "Yes, it's going to rain!"

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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