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Eco Tub - Ofuro style


Northern Lights® eco hot tubs are quickly heated and highly ecological. Inspired by the Japanese Ofuro-baths, they are half as big as round hot tubs and twice as deep as normal bath tubs. Once they are heated you can float inside immersed up to your chin so that you regain your inner peace. Our eco hot tubs, just like our original hot tubs, are made from first class Western Red Cedar, an exceptionally suitable wood type for a sensual open-air bath in a timeless design.

Northern Lights® eco tubs are inspired by the traditional Ofuro-baths from Japan. There they are synonymous with both body and an intense ritual experience. An Ofuro bath is a Zen activity and produces a feeling of well-being in harmony with the natural environment of, for instance, garden, forest, mountain, ... An eco hot tub from Northern Lights® does precisely the same thing, helping you rebuild your spirit and spiritual consciousness after a stressful day. As warm water stimulates your blood circulation, the Ofuro-baths - and also our eco hot tubs - make your body healthier.

Northern Lights® eco hot tubs are just like the hot tubs and saunas that are made from first class Western Red Cedar, which is closely related to the cypress wood that is used in Japan to manufacture Ofuro-baths. Western Red Cedar is famous for its antibacterial properties, and has an extraordinary capacity to withstand all weather conditions and a high insulating value. What's more, Western Red Cedar gives off a delightful scent, which brings you closer to nature and thus to your inner self, a truly holistic experience.


There are two ways to heat up water in an eco hot tub. Thanks to the highly insulating properties of cedar wood the water stays warm for an exceptionally long time. The highly insulating hard cover also perfectly closes the Ofuro Style eco tub allowing you to keep the water warm and heat it up quickly to the correct temperature.

1. Wood-fired chofu boiler
Thanks to the limited volume of the eco hot tub the water is heated very quickly. Additionally, the use of isothermal cover strongly reduces the heating time.
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2. Hot water directly from the tap
Thanks to the highly insulating properties of cedar wood the water stays warm for a long time.


You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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