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wood-fired heating

External wood fired heater

The wood-fired Chofu heater is ideal for heating outdoor bath tubs or other reservoirs without the need of electric power.
It is extremely easy to operate and very energy efficient.
Once connected to an eco-tub it offers a reliable combination for endlessly relaxing moments in your own back yard or your holiday home.


How does it compare with interior underwater heaters ?

  • more usable space in the bath allows for more bathers
  • water level is far less critical
  • the bath can be completely covered during heating, reducing heating time and improving efficiency
  • no ash removal directly above the water, keeping the water much cleaner
  • the adjustable air vent offers more temperature control
  • the afterburn collar greatly reduces smoke emission and sparks
  • no moving parts ! The water is automatically circulated by the thermosyphon-principle.

How does it work ?

For optimal efficiency use dry wood, like you would in a regular fireplace.
Add a log every 45 min. Logs can be upto 40cm long.
Adjust the air vent to control burning and heating speed.


  • No electric power needed
  • Stainless steel all-weather body
  • Antifreeze drain
  • After burn collar prevents sparks flying out and reduces smoke
  • Stainless steel chimney

Technical specifications

Dimensions Height 46 cm x Depth 58cm x Width 41cm
Furnace 46 x 36 x 36 cm
Heat exchanging surface. 0,85 m2
Capacity 14.9 kW
Weight 26kg
Heat up time +/- 24° C/h (with Eco-Tub)

The chofu boiler can be connected to any outdoor bath or reservoir in just 4 simple steps.

  1. Find a stable spot next to the bath to place the boiler.
  2. Drill 2 holes dims 63mm in either side.
  3. Mount the fittings and couplers.
  4. Assemble and attach the chimney.

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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