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Frequently asked questions

When can I use my hot tub ?

The whole year round !Unlike a swimming pool, a hot tub can be enjoyed in any season. During the colder, rainy autum days, you will experience the relaxing effect of the warm, massaging water all the more. Find out more about this here.  During the long summer nights it's simply wonderful to stay in your tub for hours and stare at the stars while being massaged after a long day at work.

Do you have deck designs for hot tubs?

We have a wide range of ready deck designs. If you buy a hot tub from us, you will also get free plans for building a deck. Don't forget to visit our design studio to find inspiration in the meantime.

What kind of maintenance does a hot tub require?

You have to keep an eye on the water and check regularly to see if it's still clean and safe. If you paint your hot tub, you need to repaint it every year, or the colors will fade. You can also leave the hot tub to age naturally. You don't have to do anything in that case: just leave the hot tub untreated in all kinds of weather.

How much does a hot tub cost to operate?

The round form, the strong insulating characteristics of cedar wood and the Northern Lights® covers already ensure a very high insulation value. How much it will cost depends on how cold it gets outside and how expensive your electricity is. Some of our hot tub clients live in the far North where temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius are not exceptional. They tell us that their monthly costs are around 50 euro. Heating your hot tub with a wood-fired heater is the most advantageous. That costs only the price of the wood.

How long does it take to assemble a hot tub?

Assembling a hot tub takes on average one to two hours. You have to allow one hour for installing the seats. About 2 to 3 hours for installing and connecting the piping and the pump. Make it a weekend project. Don't forget that you need to provide a foundation for your hot tub. Northern Lights® can actually deliver the hot tub pre-assembled so that there is not much work to do on it.

Can I have the assembly done by an experienced professional ?

Of course, we have a network of experienced installers who can do the whole assembly job for you. They can also provide the foundation or deck construction. Our network is constantly growing. Please contact us if you can't find a local fitter on our list.

What is a safe water temperature for my hot tub?

The most people feel 37 to 39 degrees Celsius as perfect for them. Nevertheless we recommend that you contact your doctor if you are wondering if these temperatures are healthy for you.

How long does it take to heat my hot tub completely?

This depends on the amount of water you need to heat and how warm the water is at the start. With an electric heating system - starting with cold water - you have to expect a half day. With a wood or gas-fired heater you're ready in an hour. Once an electrically heated hot tub is warmed up and operating, you adjust the chosen settings. Depending on your settings the system will hold the chosen temperature.

A layer of foam builds up in my hot tub, especially when the pump is running at full speed. How can I prevent this?

Detergent may still be present in your swimwear and can give rise to foamy bubbles. Add an antifoam product and the problem is solved. Our starter kits include some antifoam.

There is no more bromine in my dispenser and the water is cloudy. What do I have to do?

A shock treatment with Oxy Pur or Spa Shock can restore the water quality. After a shock treatment you need to wait one hour before re-entering the water. If the water is really too cloudy, you need to drain the hot tub and re-fill it with fresh clean water.

What are air control valves for?

The air control valves beside the control panel ensure that the jets can massage more intensively. Close them when you're not using the hot tub. The air control valves simply suck up cold air and would otherwise cool the water too much.

What is the difference between synthetic and cedar wooden hot tubs?

The total experience! Our tubs are 110cm deep inside and offer a unique floating sensation. This is impossible in shallow plastic spas. The aromatic scent of cedar wood in combination with relaxing water and therapeutical massage ensure an extraordinary experience.

Is a wooden tub difficult to keep clean?

No! Cedar wood has a natural resistance to decay. You clean it by simply rinsing the walls with tap water.

Is a wooden tub less healthy than a plastic one?

No ! In 1993 the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin (USA) performed a comparative test. The basic assumption was that wood would absorb dirt and thus would form a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful bacteria. Seven types of wood and four types of plastic were tested for E-Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. Surprisingly enough, the bacteria were neutralized within three minutes after coming into contact with the wood. This was not the case with plastic surfaces.

Is your cedar wood sustainably sourced?

We take sustainability very seriously and therefore offer only products made from renewable sources, as opposed to synthetic hot tubs which are produced from oil derivatives. We buy our material straight from sawmills with a sustainability label. The cedar we use is certified by the ‘Sustainable Forestry Initiative' (SFI) and has been since 2001. The sawmills are screened by KPMG and have been approved as ‘sustainable'. SFI is an international seal of quality that is awarded to forests which meet the strictest standards of renewability and sustainability. If you want to know more about it, visit

Why do I have to provide a foundation for my hot tub?

You need a flat base which can carry the weight of a filled hot tub. This weight can reach up to 2,5 tons. You can lay your base with gravel and stones. How big it should be depends on the size of your hot tub. If you place a hot tub on a wooden deck, find out if the construction can carry the weight of the hot tub. If not, then you need to strengthen the deck and the place where the hot tub comes.

Anticipated minimum:

for a small hot tub : 150x150cm
for a medium hot tub : 175x175cm 
for a large hot tub : 200 x 200cm  
for an X-large hot tub : 225 x 225cm

Where do we deliver?

We deliver throughout Europe and, depending on your requirements, ensure that everything is dropped off at your house or country cottage.

How big is the technical unit ?

The pump, the heating element and the filter are pre-assembled by us on a support base. This means you don't have to do this yourself and it saves a lot of time. The whole pack is 75cm long, 40cm wide and 6cm high. It fits perfectly inside our cedar wooden case.

What are the weight and dimensions of the kits?

Kit 1 (small): 175x175x75cm, 250kg

Kit 2 (medium): 175x200x75cm, 300kg 

Kit 3 (large): 200x200x75cm, 350kg

Kit 4 (X-large): 225x225x75cm, 400kg 

Sauna kit: 200x240x75c, 450kg 

How strong are the massage jets and how important is HP when choosing the pump?

It isn't really about HP. It's all about ‘flow'. Northern Lights® uses ‘high flow' hydro-air jets for its hot tubs. They have a big opening through which the pressure spreads better and the massaging effect is even more delightful and is experienced over a wider area. A pump must also be able to deliver the flow that all the jets require and at the same time maintain the water pressure. With lesser jets but a bigger opening it works much better than with more jets and a smaller opening. A 2 HP pump in combination with sixty jets, for instance, has nothing like the same massaging effect that the same pump with six jets has. If you wanted the same effect with 60 jets as with 6 jets, then you would require a gigantic pump with huge HP. So don't be fooled by the number of jets. More is not necessarily better. What is essential, is a precisely matched combination of 'flow' and HP. So our kits include efficiently designed ‘high flow' jets and matching pumps. We always find the perfect balance between jets and pump power. Of course, the more jets and the heavier the pumps, the bigger the supply and drain pipes have to be. The filter system is also adjusted.

How do I pay?

Various ways of paying are possible. A bank transfer is the simplest, safest and cheapest because the banks can't charge extra costs anymore for transfers within Europe. You can also pay cash if you come to pick up your hot tub in person.

How is my hot tub or sauna delivered?

Whether you've ppted for a pre-assembled hot tub or the do-it-yourself kit, everything is well packed and delivered on a pallet. Most of our clients prefer to have everything delivered to their home. The shipping agent will contact them to arrange a suitable time. The kit or pre-assembled hot tub is then dropped off on the driveway or any other place where the truck can unload. If the delivery is done by a truck that does not have a tailboard, the do-it-yourself kit has to be unloaded piece by piece from off the pallet. If it is a pre-assembled hot tub, then it can be delivered by a truck that has a tailboard. You will need to ask some friends or neighbors to help you lift and move the hot tub. For technical and insurance reasons we cannot move the hot tub ourselves to where you want to put it.
If you are able to collect your hot tub or sauna directly, you can avoid paying transport costs. Our central distribution point is situated in Puurs, Belgium.

If you use a wood burner, how do you prevent the water from freezing in the winter?

The idea behind a wood-fired hot tub is that you drain it when it's freezing. You can't just leave the hot tub outside unless you connect an apart pump to it with a 1.5 kW electrical heater. Besides, Northern Lights® has a number of other heating systems in its range as alternative to wood burning.

How much does shipping cost, on average?

Shipping costs are determined by the size of the delivery and where it has to go. Our average shipping costs vary from 200 to 350 euro, exclusive of VAT, with an extra 75 to 125 euro if the delivery is done by a truck with a tailboard.  Should you prefer to have a pre-assembled hot tub delivered, then that will cost between 600 and 1,000 euro. For accurate delivery costs contact our distributor.

Do you use blowers in your system?

No, our hydro-massage is driven by Venturi jets. We use 1.5" openings in order to propel the maximum air through them and provide strong massages. In the past we offered blower-systems but our clients seemed to find them too noisy. "As if there was a vacuum cleaner next to our tub," we often heard them say. The Venturi system, an invention of the Jacuzzi brothers in 1968, has, since the patent expired, become a standard in modern spas and hot tubs. Not only is it a much quieter system, but it also uses much less energy than classic blowers.

Do I have to use chemical products to keep the water clean?

No, because wood reacts to them in a completely different way than synthetic material. The chlorine-based disinfectants that are used in swimming pools and some spas can damage the wood. So we use bromine salts together with other natural products which we consider safe for wooden hot tubs. Contact us if you have any queries about the kind of products you can use, or choose the products that we offer.

Do you offer a disinfection and cleaning system that produces good results without chemical additives ?

This question is asked very often asked. In principle you may use only chlorine or bromine to disinfect. There are however also two natural ways to keep your water clean and safe. The first one is with an ozone generator (link). It uses UV-light to generate ozone. Ozone has a disinfecting effect and is converted to oxygen. It is a thousand times stronger than chlorine but is active only briefly and vanishes quickly. The second natural way to disinfect your water is with an ionizer such as our Silver Water Ionizer (link). It uses natural minerals and ores like silver and zinc to kill bacteria and algae. If you're using both these systems at the same time then you don't need bromine or chlorine to keep your water clean and safe.

Which wiring do I have to use for my hot tub?

Our hot tubs don't need any heavy pumps so you don't need to invest in further electrical supplies. Use 3x2mm2  grounded cables and a 16A/30mA safety fuse. Ask extra information from an electrician if you're not sure how to connect everything precisely.

What does ‘delivery within three days' mean?

Products that are in stock in our distribution center can be picked up within three days.  Delivery will take an extra five to six days.


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