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Powerful hydrotherapy massage jets

Enjoy a full body massage before or after a heavy or stressful day at work - you will get a better night's sleep too - so that next day you can give 100% of yourself again.

hydro airjets

Not only do the powerful jets provide a hard body massage, the deep bath also offers enormous freedom of movement so you can massage all your tired muscles in a relaxed position.

The large water mass also has a strong floating effect on the body. This weightlessness enables you to move freely and achieve complete mental and physical relaxation while the warm propelling water rtreats every part of your body.

Choose between strong massage with water and air bubbles, or water force only. The massage pressure can always be adjusted easily for maximal comfort.

Unique: The diameter of the nozzle of each jet is as wide as 3cm. This offers an especially wide pressure surface on the skin and the underlying muscles, so that the massage always remains pleasant!

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