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Hot tub designs

Northern Lights hot tubs integrate perfectly with any garden or deck.

Our designers have listed a number of popular configurations here below : stand-alonesemi stand-alone, semi build-in and fully build-in.
These configurations can inspire and help you to choose the best model and accessories !

Configuration : BUILD-IN

Configuration : SEMI BUILD-IN

Configuration : SEMI STANDALONE

Configuration : STANDALONE

More examples and impressions

  • Under a glass roof

    under a
    glass roof !
    glazen afdak
  • Build into a deck

    Integrate your hot tub into
    a deck. The benches offer
    convenient storage.
    ingebouwd in een terras
  • Under a timber roof

    A timber roof
    enhances the sense of
    comfort and nature.
    houten afdak
  • Sheltered from the wind

    From the wind
    is more important than
    In the sun.
    houten afdak
  • Under a gazebo

    In a gazebo,
    a central location
    in your garden.
  • Natural partition

    Trellis covered with
    plants offer a
    natural partition.
  • glaf Roof1
  • glaf Deck 1
  • glaf Roof 2
  • glaf Deck 2
  • glaf Gazebo
  • glaf Trellis

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