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Dive into the technical specifications of a Northern Lights hot tub.

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Electric requirements
220-240V, 16A-30mA

hot tub

100% Western Red Cedar

Manufactured from 100% Clear Western Red Cedar. The standard height is 120cm.

Perfect for that ultimate soaking experience only a genuine hot tub can provide !
No cold shoulders and yet more than enough leg space.

Available in 4 sizes: from 4 to 10 persons.

control panel

Total control !

The LCD control panel can easily be reached from inside or outside your tub. It provides accurate temperature control, and lets you activate massage jets, switch the interior light and set various filter cycles and operation modes including ECO-mode.


Stainless steel

All metal parts are stainless steel.

Powerful hydrotherapy massage jets

The warm water and the powerful and adjustable hydro-air massage jets provide a complete and revitalizing full body massage. Hydrotherapy jets »


Adjustable massage pressure

Easily adjust the massage pressure and choose from water-only or water-with-air for maximum massage comfort.

Integrated Skimmer

The built-in skimmer keeps the surface water clean.


Benches all around

360° bench configuration with a raised section for safe entry. The exclusive height of the hot tub -120 cm- and large water mass provide a great uplifting effect. This ensures a free and relaxed posture at all times.

Interior lighting

The interior lighting provides a soothing tubbing experience.
Choose from standard light or LED Mood FX with chromotherapy programs.



The insulating hardcover is equipped with secure child locks and offers a static pressure resistance of up to 200 kg ! Choose from the standard version or the even thicker 'High Altitude' version, eg: for use in Alpine regions.

Reliable spa system

The Balboa spa system with M7 technology ensures a safe and userfriendly control with maximum comfort.

These systems are truly the best on the market ! Spa control system »

GS System2
remote control

Internet connection with PC-dashboard

Ideal for a vacation lodge or for commercial applications !

All settings are easily adjustable through the internet with the PC dashboard software.

The workhorse

The powerful pump meets the highest quality demands and operates with extreme silence.

The bearings are manufactured from a durable polymer alloy.


Spa filter

The ergonomic design of the filter housing makes cleaning the cartridge a breeze.

Choose your preferred heating method

Northern Lights offers various heating systems

  • electric
  • hybrid : gas-electric or wood-electric
  • connection to alternative heating sources with a heat exchanger
heat exchange


Ozone offers a very powerful sanitization ensuring easy maintenance.

Ionizer, Cu, Ag, Zn

Sanitize your tub in a 100% environmentally friendly way !
The copper, zinc and silver ions kill bacteries and viruses but are gentle to the most sensitive skin. No hassle with chlorine or bromine tablets! Learn more >>


All-cedar finish

The cedar accessoires provide a beautiful finish for your hot tub !

For standalone configurations we offer stairs and pump enclosures, all in Western Red Cedar.

Clear assembly manuals

Detailed plans with images, pictures and user manuals make the assembly of your project easy and rewarding.



Northern Lights hot tubs stand for top quality.

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Models and Sizes

For large or small families, select your model.

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A good hot tub lasts a lifetime and it provides added value to every house.

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You are sure to enjoy this hands-on project!

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You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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