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Introducing Saunas

sauna-natureLike the original hot tubs and eco tubs, Northern Lights® saunas are  made from first class Clear Western Red Cedar. This gives them their unique look and a high insulating value, which means that Northern Lights® outdoor barrel saunas don't need a separate inner or outer wall. What's more, the indoor saunas from Northern Lights® have a warm look thanks to the cedar and offer a unique sauna experience with their hybrid approach.

The outdoor barrel saunas and indoor hybrid saunas from Northern Lights are part of the history of sauna development through the centuries and mankind's quest for the benefits of high temperatures. These benefits were enjoyed by the Canadian Indians in their inipis, by the Russians in their banias, by the Turks in their hamams and by the Finns in their sauna huts. The 'barrel' enhances the high temperature experience through its round shape, which enables an extraordinary heat distribution. The indoor sauna goes further; it can be heated with a stove or by using the infrared element. The result is an even better experience of all the benefits a sauna session brings.

hybrid4 combi barrel1
Indoor HybridTM Heating unit Outdoor barrels
  • softens and relaxes tired muscles.
  • helps prevent mental fatigue
  • eliminates tension and stress
  • promotes cardiovascular flow, good for the heart and blood vessels
  • increases metabolic rates
  • contributes to maintaining a healthy skin
  • temporary relief for rheumatic pain
  • releases natural painkillers
  • strengthens the body's immune system
  • reduces toxin levels in a natural way
  • total body and spirit wellness
  • makes the body burn up to 300 calories per sauna session
guarantee Hi there, here's a note for your site because you guys are simply super - and I mean that! Your saunas are the best I have seen in my 45 years (yes, I am a connoisseur)
I just want to thank you for your fantastic service. Not many companies care for their customers like you do! My project went smoothly from start to finish. Pleasure working with you and keep up the good work Northern Lights team ! 
Joseph Culler

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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