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The barrel sauna

Northern Lights® cedar barrel saunas are spacious outdoor saunas for 2 to 6, or 8, persons which stand out not merely because of their look; the 40mm thick cedar wood ensures optimal insulation so that no separate inner or outer wall or roof is necessary.

The round shape makes the hot air circulate perfectly and so ensures an extremely comfortable sauna experience.
What's more, thanks to its unique round shape 23 % less space is heated!

Sauna interieur

  • Northern Lights® barrel saunas are designed according to centuries-old barrel making techniques and are manufactured using the most up to date production methods such as Computer Aided Design. We use first class Clear Western Red Cedar with a FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council). This timber is harvested and processed in accordance with the strict sustainable forestry standards established by the Canadian government.

  • Clear Western Red Cedar is one of the best insulating wood types in the world, which means that our saunas can be built without separate inner and outer walls or a roof. Thanks to its round shape, there is less space to be heated. Compared with a classic sauna design these designs have 23 percent less space with correspondingly reduced heating costs.

  • Western Red Cedar offers a pleasant and soothing aroma. It also gives the design a timeless look which will match surroundings of all kinds, and will simply gain more character as time goes by.

  • That's why Northern Lights® saunas are an investment that keeps its value and so adds value to your property. You don't need a permit to install them.

  • The saunas are easy to install anywhere. They are delivered in packages that can pass through any door or entrance.  We supply heating stoves from the Swedish companyTylo with our barrel saunas as standard. We offer a choice between the combi-steam stove and a wood-fired stove, inclusive of a double-walled chimney set.

  • Our electric sauna stoves heat up very quickly, are energy-friendly and the best quality. When you pour water over the stove, it will all evaporate, even when it has seeped through the stones. With the combi-steam you can also increase the humidity to 70 percent to achieve the ‘steam-bath' effect at a lower temperature.

  • Choice of accessories such as deluxe sauna lights, sauna kits, head/backrest, duckboards and interior coating.

Improved air circulation Canoe joint 23% less volume to heat

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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