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Barrel Sauna : specifications


    • The barrel sauna comes in 2 sizes, the standard 7ft-version with a seat length of 1.95 m. And the 30 cm longer 8ft-version. They both have a spacious headroom of 205cm.

    • First class Western Red Cedar wood is the perfect choice for all weather conditions and it has long been the best wood type for sauna constructions.

    • A wide bench on both sides, bi-leveled to ensure that everyone can relax in comfort and children can join you in the sauna. The seats have been sanded by hand for optimal comfort.

    • Three stainless steel straps ensure a solid construction.

    • The door is delivered ready-to-use with double insulation, stainless fasteners, and heat resistant double glazing so you can see the view.                  

 Model 7ftModel 8ft 
Bench length 195cm 225cm sauna_3d1
Bench width 60cm
Itterior height 205cm
Door dimensions H 198x B 65 cm
Heater Electricity or Wood fired
Heat up time 20 min 25 min
Material 100% clear Western Red Cedar
Volume 6.30m3 7.30m3
Exterior dimensions L215 x H215cm L245 x H215cm
Support cradle dimensions L185 x B160cm



    1. combiThe barrel sauna design includes two types of wood joints for extra support and strength: a canoe joint for the curved walls and a T & G joint for the flat walls.

    2. The support cradle is manufactured using treated joists and offers maximum stability.

    3. woodfiredTop quality heaters manufactured from stainless steel, designed for extensive use. Our standard heater is a classic Finnish electric heater for dry or wet sauna sessions. This heater combines a fast heat-up time with a high return, 100 percent reliability and ease of use.

    4. Choose the optional steam heater with steam bath functionality or a wood-fired heater for the ultimate natural sauna experience. This is a super efficient wood-fired heater with glass door for enjoying the warm glow and relaxing atmosphere. The double walled chimney exits through the back to prevent leakage, which can happen with other through-the-roof configurations.

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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