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FAQ -Sauna-Frequently asked questions

Is a sauna expensive to operate?

Not at all. Saunas are economical and use no more energy than a tumble dryer. In principle, you won't stay too long inside it and won't need to heat it up for a long time in advance. Within 20-25 minutes, the sauna is ready to use. Saunas with wood burners are the cheapest provided that you have a wood pile at your disposal.

Why are the Finns so crazy about saunas?

Because they have been taking saunas ever since the dawn of time. It is, so to speak, ingrained in the Finnish culture. To start with, saunas in Finland consisted of heated huts beside a lake which were used primarily for washing, birthing and healing purposes. Nowadays the Fins use their saunas to purify themselves and relax. They reallly do build them all over the place. There are hardly any houses that don't have a sauna; they are even included in small apartments. In Finland a sauna is no luxury, it is taken for granted, for both, young and old.

What do you need for a Finnish sauna?

A Finnish sauna can't do without a stove (Kiuas) filled with fist-size stones. Wood stoves are traditionally used but the electric ones are just as good. The latter are even safer, more convenient to use and easier to keep clean. Wooden seats and benches (Lauteet) are essential too. In most cases there are two benches, one of which is higher than the other. You also need material to build your ‘hut' with enough space for three to six people. Since we can't all place our sauna beside a lake that we can dive into, you will need to provide a shower as well.

How do you take a Finnish sauna?

First you take a shower and then you enter the sauna naked. You use a towel to sit on, for reasons of hygiene as well as for your own comfort. Wearing swimwear in the sauna is not forbidden but it is discouraged. Men and women can take a sauna together or separately. Once inside the sauna, you have to relax, and sit or lie down on the benches. The air is dry and hot to start with but as you pour water over the stove, the room fills with steam and the warm air wraps around you. If it's too much for you, you can always move from the highest to the lowest bench. The lower, the less humidity and heat. Leave the sauna if it cpntinues to be unbearable. The intention is not to turn the sauna into a challenge. On the contrary, it must continue to be a relaxing experience. After fifteen minutes, it's best to leave the sauna for a moment anyway to cool down in a lake, in a barrel, in a dipping bath, under the shower...  It doesn't matter what so long as it's cold. Then you can dive back into the sauna and begin a new session.

How hot does a sauna get?

You can determine the temperature in a sauna yourself, depending on what you enjoy. Generally, the temperature in saunas can move between 60 to 110 degrees. The ideal temperature, according to most sauna visitors, is 85 degrees Celsius. The Finns challenge each another - often after a glass too many - by staying as long as possible in the sauna. Don't do that. It is not only unpleasant to stay too long in the sauna, but it can also be dangerous. By the way, it's best not to drink alcohol before entering the sauna. A beer afterwards is allowed and tastes delicious.

Do naked Finns really jump into an ice-cold lake and roll in the snow after a sauna session?

Some do, some don't. This is a habit which requires a bit of courage and a healthy heart, nothing more. For many Finns a sauna session is not complete if they can't have been a polar bear for a while.

How much energy does a sauna use?

Much less than you might think, surely because a sauna doesn't use energy when you are not using it. Thanks to the round shape of the barrel saunas and the compact design of the Hybrid-sauna, you are saving on the space you need to heat, and thus cutting costs. The insulating properties of cedar wood limit your energy use too.

How do I pay?

There are different ways to pay. A bank transfer is the simplest, safest and cheapest, because the banks can't charge extra costs for transfers within Europe anymore. You can also pay with cash if you come to pick up your sauna personally.

What is your guarantee?

We are honest and therefore don't entice you with a lifelong guarantee. This is simply impossible, as nothing is forever. Our guarantee is valid for three years. And this applies to everything we sell. If something breaks down ithrough no fault of your own, we will replace it as soon as possible. As a client, you can contact us about questions and solutions, for a lifetime, too!  It is possible that our burners offer extended guarantees, which may even be ‘lifelong'. Of course, these guarantee conditions are then also valid for the stoves that you purchase from us.

How do I know if I made the right choice with your sauna configurator?

Don't worry about it. Call and ask us. We have tried to make our website as accessible and interactive as possible, but this does not alter the fact that we still get touch with you personally with real pleasure. In the end, we are not an internet sales office, but a genuine sauna manufacturer willing to attend to its clients as good as possible at all times. Call us or send us an e-mail if you prefer.

Do you have folders?

We have placed everything on our website, but if you are still in need of information on paper, you can always let us know. Call or mail us and we will send you the required documentation either in pdf-file, so that you can print it out yourself, or simply on paper.

What is the perfect height for a sauna?

You shouldn't make your sauna too high, otherwise you lose heat to the extra space. Take then 1m80, a matter of being able to stand there comfortably.

How do you deliver your saunas?

Most of our clients prefer to have everything delivered to their home. The shipping agent will contact you to ask when exactly it suits you best. The sauna kit is then dropped off on the driveway or any other place where the truck can unload. If the delivery takes place with trucks not equipped with a tailboard, the assembly kit has to be taken out of the truck piece by piece from the pallet. Is it a pre-assembled sauna, then it is delivered anyhow with a truck equipped with a tailboard. You will need to ask some friends or neighbors for help in order to lift and move the sauna. For technical and insurance reasons we cannot move the sauna ourselves to the place where you want it.
If you have the possibility to pick up your sauna directly, you avoid the transport costs. Our central distribution point is situated in Bornem, Belgium.

Do you apply ‘not satisfied=money back' rule?

We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your purchase. If this is not the case, send the kit back in its original packaging and we will transfer your money back reduced with 10 percent restocking fee. The ‘not satisfied=money back' rule is valid for up to 30 days after delivery.

What is hybrid technology?

With hybrid technology we have brought to the market the most advanced and, medically speaking, most beneficial sauna. We use deep-penetrating infrared rays of ceramic coal burners which irradiate the whole body. At the same time the Finnish burner with stones quickly heats up the ambient temperature so that you can undergo your infrared therapy in pleasant warmth. You can also make steam on the Finnish burner, a matter of re-opening your pores once again.

What is so different about your saunas?

If you buy a sauna, you have to pay attention to the material used and the expertise with which the sauna is assembled. Our barrel saunas and hybrid saunas are made of 4 centimeter thick Western Red Cedar. Just compare it with other saunas and you will soon notice the difference between our wood and expertise and that of the rest. We deliver quality and our clients know it.

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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