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Sauna heating : electric

elektrischWhen you're looking for a sauna heater, you'll find hundreds of models and types. There are many differencies in quality, though, especially the actual heating elements, which you need to consider before you make your choice.

Northern Lights saunas are all equipped with top quality sauna heaters which stand out on account of the following features :

  • Record heating rate The unique double chamber design with heat control ensures an exceptionally efficient air-circulation
  • Comfortable sauna climate The integrated humidifier ensures a pleasant humidity level in your sauna
  • Low energy consumption The dynamic control heating is a patented development. It means that the stove goes into stand-by as soon as it has reached the required temperature. This ensures a steady temperatur.
  • 100% evaporation The big deep stone compartment together with the direct contact between the stones and the heating element ensure a truly unique evaporation performance during the pouring sessions.
  • Long durability The heart of all sauna stoves - the heating elements - are, like all spare parts, subject to the strictest quality controls before finding their way to the client.
  • Safe and reliable Timer, thermostat and temperature sensors are merely 3 of the precisely designed key elements that ensure safety and reliability.
  • Finest materials Made of solid stainless steel and cast aluminum, they reflect our clients' and our own philosophy: quality will prevail !

sport'Sport' Model ' : dry and wet sauna.

Dry and wet sauna baths have a long history. These warm baths are generally enjoyed at temperatures between 70-90°C. In the case of dry sauna baths when no water is poured over the stones,  the relative air humidity (RH) amounts to merely 5-10%. sport_panelIn the case of wet sauna baths, when a scoop of water is poured over the hot stones once in a while, the air humidity increases distinctly (RH 10-25%) and you feel the warm waves vibrating in the air and stimulating your skin. A few drops of perfume in the water that you pour over the stones will ensure a fresh feeling in your nasal passages and bronchial tubes. You should also try finishing your sauna bath by pouring water over the stones more intensively, which will give the skin an additional stimulus. Wet sauna baths are the most popular baths and most people think they are the traditional sauna bath!

combiModel 'Combi Steam' : dry and wet sauna (steam bath)

The unique possibility to take traditional sauna baths as well as soft beneficial steam baths in one and the same sauna is also combi_panelcalled steambath sauna. You select the desired bath type, temperature and time from the electronic control panel. Then you only need to recline comfortably, relax and enjoy your sauna session! Adding some refreshing herbs or other beneficial aromas now and then increases the delight ! 

Technical specifications :

Capacity: 6.6 kW of 8kW
Sauna volume : upto 12 m3, more than sufficient for the 7ft and 8ft barrel saunas
Electric requirements : choose from 220V monophase or 400V triphase
Cable surf. : 2,5mm2, 16A, 400V or 10mm2, 29A, 220V

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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