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Sauna heating : wood-fired


Northern Lights  supplies high end wood-fired sauna heaters.

This heater is fitted with a glass door so that you can enjoy the wonderful crackling fire while taking your sauna bath. The upper edge offers space for a good quantity of sauna stones. The furnace is made of 10mm thick cast iron, which guarantees lengthy durability.  The outside wall is enameled.

The updated furnace design ensures optimal heat convection, which enables the stones to heat up evenly and thus allow a quick heat transfer, even after several pouring sessions. The steam clouds generated this way deliver the ultimate traditional sauna experience! 

This heater is equipped with a convenient ash box and a cast-iron grill.

The chimney set includes a black enameled single wall inside and an insulated double wall of 316 stainless steel passing through the wall and outside. The wall transit is situated in the back wall - not through the roof - to prevent leakage.



Sauna volume : up to 16m3, more than enough for both sizes
barrel saunas  lavastenen

Height : 750mm

Width: 400mmhout

Depth : 490mm

Sauna rock capacity: 38kg

Chimney double walled, insulated 316 SS

You can enjoy your own hot tub and sauna too!

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